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Simply Panache Signature Facial

60 minutes. Our signature facial is suited for all skin types including oily, dehydrated, aging, or combination. A deep cleanse followed by a therapeutic exfoliation (using either a light enzyme or gentle scrub). Steam is applied to soothe and reveal a dewy, fresh and radiant complexion.

Member Price 75      Non Member Price   85

Anti-Aging Facial                           

60 minutes. This facial stimulates collagen production, helping your skin regain elasticity by shedding dead skin cells. An ideal anti-aging remedy to revitalize dull, tired-looking skin while improving firmness and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Member Price 85      Non Member Price   95

Teen Facial                                     

60 minutes. Begins with a deep cleansing and exfoliation with extractions to help remove any buildup of impurities which often can cause breakouts. This facial finishes with a light hydration of the skin, using products that will not clog pores.

Member Price 85      Non Member Price   95

Men's Facial                             

60 minutes. For the special needs of men, using deep cleansing to remove soap and shaving gel build up. Pores are cleansed, irritated skin is soothed and dry skin is hydrated. A revitalizing facial massage and customized masque tips off this renewal treatment.

Member Price 85      Non Member Price   95

Sensitive Skin Facial                   
60 minutes. This facial replenishes lost moisture, soothes stressed or irritated skin and works to even the skin.
Member Price 75      Non Member Price   85

Acne Facial                                   
60 minutes. Unclog pores, soothes inflammation, reduces future breakouts and promotes healing for existing lesions. Includes high frequency treatment, which is effective in killing acne causing bacteria and reducing inflammation. 
This facial is appropriate for all ages.
Member Price 85      Non Member Price   95

Back Facial                                    
60 minutes. Out of reach and overlooked, this relaxing treatment for the back includes deep pore cleaning, exfoliation, extractions and a clarifying masque. A soothing back facial treatment can eliminate back acne, back acne scars, impurities and evens out skin tone.
Member Price 85      Non Member Price   95

Simply Panache On-The-Go-Facial 
30 minutes. Created especially for the person on the go, this facial is uniquely designed to give maximum results in minimum time. This treatment is for all skin types. Formulated to refresh and renew the skin.
Member Price 55      Non Member Price   60


Scalp Massage                           
15 minutes. A massage on your scalp is considered one of the most efficient ways of relaxation. Scalp massage helps in avoiding anxiety, mood swings and depression. It also works wander in relieving migraines and headaches. Peppermint or lavender aromatherapy is recommended.
Member Price 23      Non Member Price   28

Eye Treatment                            
15 minutes. A unique anti-aging treatment designed to reduce fine lines and lessen the appearance of dark circles. Leave the spa looking and feeling refreshed!
Member Price 23      Non Member Price   28

Manually clears/removes blackheads for smoother refined skin.
Member Price 23      Non Member Price   28


Hand Treatment                         
15 minutes. Refresh and renew your hands with this hydrating hand treatment with warm towel wraps. It helps to distress, relax and improve circulation.
Member Price 23      Non Member Price   28

Lip Treatment                             
15 minutes. Give dry lips the attention they deserve. After exfoliating the skin, product will be applied that leaves the lips appearing plump and juicy.
Member Price 23      Non Member Price   28


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