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Simply Panache Manicure 

Our signature manicure with a mangolicious soak, nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care and a light massage with our house blend mango hand lotion to condition the hands. Polish.

Member Price of 27      Non Member Price   32

The Parisian Manicure

The Parisian manicure is the ultimate in sophisticated indulgence. Say 'Oui, Oui' to the champagne soak, a warm parfum-riche massage cream and classic white French tips. Classic white or choose your own color combo and get ready to get those prices up. This manicure is So Panache!

Member Price 30      Non Member Price   35

911 Manicure  

Simply Panache to the rescue! This manicure is designed to relieve, relax and rejuvenate your overworked and stressed hands. All the benefits of the Simply Panache manicure with exfoliation and an invigorating hot stone massage.

Add a peppermint moisturizer and slip your hands into heated mittens to relieve minor aches and pains. Polish. Pairs well with paraffin.

Member Price 37      Non Member Price   41

Mangolicious Manicure  

Shape 'em! Buff 'em! Scrub 'em! Love 'em! This mani is the Simply Panache Nail Bar and Pedi Spa house favorite!

Nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care, Mangolicious sugar scrub, Mangolicious shea butter, paraffin wax and an invigorating massage with hot stones. Top it off with a mango spritzer and get ready for Mangolicious bliss. Polish.

Member Price 42      Non Member Price   47

The MAN-icure  
This manicure was designed with the male client in mind.
Nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care, an invigorating massage and paraffin wax with our house blend of shea butter to condition the hands. Buff and shine or polish.
Member Price 36      Non Member Price   40

Fruit Smoothie Manicure 
This Fruit Smoothie Manicure gives you nourishing, hydrating indulgence. Take the Simply Panache manicure, add a fruity scrub, fruity masque applied with a brush, a fully whipped cream, warm towels and a massage and watch as your hands are transported to a relaxing, inviting, tropical yummy place where the sand is white, the ocean is blue and the beverages are tropical. Polish.
Member Price 32      Non Member Price   37

GoDiva Chocolate Manicure 
The ultimate chocolate experience! Indulge your hands with this deliciously opulent manicure. Nail shaping, cuticle care, milk bath, fudge hand scrub, and a chocolate mousse masque applied with a brush. Hands are wrapped in soft warm towels and massaged with a rich cocoa butter cream. RELAX and ENJOY this calorie free chocolate treat! Polish.
Member Price 40      Non Member Price   45



Cut Down

Member Price 4      Non Member Price   5

Paraffin Treatment 

Member Price 9      Non Member Price   11

French Polish with Service 

Member Price 9      Non Member Price   11

Acrylic/Hard Gel Soak Off

Member Price 14      Non Member Price   18

Nail Art 

Member Price 3 and up      Non Member Price  4 and up


Warm Stones  

Member Price 9      Non Member Price   11

Polish Change 

Member Price 11      Non Member Price   13

Gel Polish with Service  

Member Price 1 3     Non Member Price   17

Gel Polish without Service 

Member Price 17      Non Member Price   21

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