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Simply Panache Massage 

Swedish massage, orange essential oil and warm towels. A Simply Panache massage is the simplest and most Panache way to unwind and relax.

Member Price 65      Non Member Price   75

Parisian Massage  

60 minute. Champagne & Roses fill the air. Massage alone is wonderfully relaxing. Combine it with this aromatic massage and you'll unlock benefits that invigorate your body and mind.

Member Price 70      Non Member Price   80

911 Massage 

60 minutes. Designed to relieve, relax and rejuvenate from head to toe! This full-body massage includes a therapeutic warm stone massage, peppermint essential oils and warm towels. Reduce tension, soothe sore muscles, and increase circulation. Simply Panache to the RESCUE!!! Warm stone encourage the exchange of blood and provide soothing heat.

Member Price 80      Non Member Price   90

Please Baby Please Massage 
For expecting Mommies who need a time-out. This prenatal massage (including essential oils and warm towels) is designed to improve mobility, circulation, and relieve the aches, pains and stresses of your growing baby bump.
Member Price 65      Non Member Price   75

GoDiva Massage 
60 minutes. Indulge in a whipped chocolate massage and chocolate mask with warm towels. All without one single calorie. Soothe your body and your senses.
Member Price 75      Non Member Price   85

Couples Massage
60 minutes. A simply Panache massage experience made for two!!! Bring your spouse, companion, or loved one or friend and enjoy couples massages. Two massage tables, two massage therapists, head to head in our boutique spa. Relax and rejuvenate together!!!
Member Price 110      Non Member Price   140



Mangolicious Body Wrap 
One wonderfully warm moisturizing wrap treatment. A gentle glove body exfoliation that is followed by a light massage of the scalp, hands and feet. Rejuvenate and relax in a cocoon rich of mango lotion and mango shea butters that nourish the skin and the senses.
Member Price 75      Non Member Price   85

Additional 30 min
Price 35
Chair Massage 15 min
Price 30


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